Monday, 9 September 2013

Call for submissions for HSCP Conference Feb 2014

Health & Social Care Professions Education & Development Advisory Group welcome submissions from any HSCP professional on their research.
Following the sucess of the inaugral one-day conference last year, this year's conference is entitled:

‘Driving healthcare change through HSCP research– An opportunity for HSCPs to share their research’. 

The two keynote speakers for the conference will be Dr. Stephanie O’ Keeffe, Director of Health & Wellbeing, HSE, and Dr. Philip Crowley, National Director, Quality & Patient Safety, HSE.

Submissions are encouraged in 3 formats by email:

1) Oral Presentations (e.g., 20 minute)
-Please submit a 200 word abstract using: ‘Objective’, ‘Method’, ‘Results’, ‘Conlcusions’.

2) Poster Presentations
Please submit a 200 word abstract using: ‘Objective’, ‘Method’, ‘Results’, ‘Conlcusions’.

3) Research Methodology Workshops (e.g., 60 minutes)
Please submit a 200 word description of the research methodology element that your workshop will focus on (e.g. how to apply for research funding, how to analyse data).

Friday, 28th February 2014
Stewarts Care,
Palmerstown, Dublin 20
Attendance is free.
Submissions* by:
Friday, 25th October 2013

Please email submissions to: Frances Conneely,  HSCP EDA, Research Subgroup
For further information, see the ‘Practice Development Hub’ section on the homepage of:

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