Thursday, 29 August 2013

Clinicians ‘need more access to research’ Irish Times tue 27th August 2013

Dr. Sinead Hanafin at the International Public Health Nursing Conference in Galway yesterday commented on the excllent HSE Library in the context of her presentation on" Public Health Nursing Making The Difference Through a Better Use of Research".

Clinicians ‘need more access to research’ Science failing to communicate

Dr Hanafin, who is a nurse, midwife and formerly head of research at the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, said that evidence-based information has to be made more accessible and readable, with summaries of key points included for practitioners and policy-makers.
She said that the Health Service Executive library was excellent, but physical access was a difficulty for staff under pressure. There was a need for capacity building, providing broadband communication and giving relevant trained staff time to download and read relevant material.”

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