Thursday, 26 February 2015

DEAR Links to 15 + minute reads

Determining the predictors of innovation implementation in healthcare: a quantitative analysis of implementation effectiveness   

Measuring mental health and wellbeing outcomes and policy: a review of child self-report measures for children and adolescents to inform practice

Predicating agression in children with ADHD

Toxic stress: effects prevention and treatment    

MBCT for health  

Using complaint behaviour to improve quality


The North West Londaon integrated care pilot

Leadership and organisational change implementation LOCI RCT   

Out-of-hospital care setting

What is a performance outlier?

A cohort study of influences, health outcomes and costs of patients’ health-seeking behaviour for minor ailments from primary and emergency care settings


A survey-based cross-sectional study of doctors’ expectations and experiences of non-technical skills for Out of Hours wor

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