Thursday, 3 July 2014

HSE Call for completed and ongoing research

Health Librarians based at Dr Steevens’ Hospital in Dublin have issued a call for research papers to the health service. The online health facility Lenus ( is managed by the Health Librarians at Dr Steevens’ and acts as a repository for research activity.

Lenus provides a platform to showcase the output of the Irish health services both individually and collectively and makes the output available and accessible on an ongoing basis. This year the annual call for hospital research has been extended to include all research to the health service at large.

 Open Access is the free, immediate online access to research output. 

The motivation to provide this free access is particularly strong in respect of publicly funded research. Open Access was adopted by the HSE in 2013. The organisation’s Open Access Position Statement requires that all research output from HSE employees be made freely available where possible via Lenus and it is to this end that call for Irish hospital research continues to be made.

To build upon this baseline of health research, health sector hospitals and facilities are asked to submit a list of;
  • published research for their institution/service from 2013 to present 
  • reviewed [Ethics Committee] and ongoing research for 2013 to present 
  • ongoing research in 2012/13 that has now reached publication 

  •  Submit details of completed research online using the online form.
  •  Submit details of ongoing research online using this form

For more information please contact Rickard, HSE Regional Librarian or Aoife Lawton, Lenus Project Manager. Email:

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